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Timothy Slater <T.SLATER ät>3. May 2014 23:42

With the Donbass revolt, but not with Putin

## Nachricht vom / message of 03.05.14 weitergeleitet / forwarded

With a democratic and social alliance against the Kiev regime and NATO

The resistance of the eastern population against the reactionary pro-western
government in Kiev has to be supported both from a democratic as well as an
anti-imperialist point of view. Why the people should bow to neo-fascist
right-wingers, pro-western nationalists as well as anti-Russian capitalists?
It is incorrect to automatically suppose that the revolt would want to
restore the rule of Yanukovych and its capitalist clique which are
responsible for social misery also in the Donbass region.


A presentation of Borotba, a Ukrainian popular anti-capitalist force

The new authorities by all possible means try to prevent democratic
referendums over the issue of self-governing in South-eastern regions -
where protests against new regime are glowing. New rulers of Ukraine try
to present these protests as only 'pro-Russian' or 'inspired by the
Kremlin', but the union 'Borotba' is effectively fighting for wringing
them out of the influence of pro-russian nationalism. We are
irreconcilable opponents to the Putin's regime that our Russian comrades
are fighting with. We are against war and any interference into
Ukrainian conflict as it may trigger the military confrontation of two
imperialisms. Expecting the intensification of the current crisis, we
are getting ready to take part in the process of organization of mass
protests against anti-social reforms and far-right terror of new
authorities. And in this context any international support is rather
crucial for us. We are thankful for your attention and solidarity.

Anti-imperialist Camp
camp ät
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